Submit Your Design

The Hammock community is a diverse and creative group of people. We’d love for you to submit your hammock shirt designs and be a part of Haute Hammock. Not only will your design be featured on this website and all of our social media, but you’ll receive 50% of the profits from your shirt! All you have to do is follow our design guidelines and submit the proper artwork.

[icon_box icon=”basic-display” icon_color=”#004089″ title=”Website”]Your design will be featured on Haute Hammock for all the world to see. We’ll handle the production, fulfillment and shipping so all you have to worry about is great design.[/icon_box]
[icon_box icon=”ecommerce-dollar” icon_color=”#004089″ title=”Get Paid!”]You’ll receive 50% of the profits from your shirt. Forever. We’ll send money and a simple report every month via PayPal. Save this money so you can buy a new Hammock![/icon_box]
[icon_box icon=”ecommerce-megaphone” icon_color=”#004089″ title=”Social Media”]We’ll share your design on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You should share it as well so all your friends and family can get one of your beautiful creations![/icon_box]
We’re currently completing our Design Guide.
If you have a shirt idea, let us know at