Haute Hammock

After working on this idea for nearly a year, Haute Hammock is finally launching! Our mission is to encourage people to get out in the great outdoors and enjoy the hammock lifestyle. The hammocking community is alive and vibrant. Unfortunately, there was no one creating apparel specifically for hammockers. Sure, you could find a random shirt every now and then with one of those old net hammocks your grandparents have in their back yard. That’s not what Haute Hammock is about.

We want to tell the world how wonderful it is to experience nature through hammocking.

Do you like to fish? There’s plenty of apparel choices to identify yourself with fishing. Do you like to mountain bike, surf, ski, snowboard, collect stamps or even roller skate? There are literally hundreds of brands out there that cater to these activities. What about apparel that caters to hammocking and hangers? How do we show our pride to the world? That brand didn’t exist and that’s what we’re creating.  We want to help unite hangers around the world and show our support and love for this wonderful addiction we all have in common.

Science, Medicine and Psychology all agree that finding a balance between Family, work and recreation is the best way to live. I happen to believe, along with hundreds of thousands of people, that hammocking is a great way to find that balance! Haute Hammock is built around encouraging people to find balance in their lives through hammocking in the great outdoors. 

Please leave us your feedback on the site, on the shirts or anything you’d like to see in the future. If you are as in love with hammocks as we are, please drop us a line and tell us about it!

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