Letter from a Hammock Lover!

Greetings Hammock Lovers! My name is Boris. Please forgive if I use wrong words or make misspellings. English is not my first language. I have had very rough childhood, but hammocks have completely changed my life. Please let me explain.

A little about me. I’m originally from the mountains. My father left me and my brother and sister before we were born. He was a real lady man always courting other ladies and fighting their males. Because of this violence, we lived in fear for our lives for most of my first birthdays. On more than one occasion we saw my father kill. In our small mountain community, this is how disputings were handled.

However, my mother loved us very much. To protect us from our father’s violence and rage, we moved around a lot. Our houses, if you can even call them that, were more like little rooms with dirt floors. Even though we didn’t have much we were rich in love. My mother adored us and made sure to protect us from any danger.

It wasn’t all bad. Growing up in the mountains did have advantages. We would often spend hours running through the woods, playing in meadows, swimming through rivers, and climbing countless trees. It was a fantastic time of youth. I learned to love the sunrise and let the seasons guide my paths.

Obviously my language and writing skills are not very great. That is because I was not allowed to attend a regular school like you. My mother worried that children would be scared of us, or even try to harm us because we were so different. Children can be so mean. However, my mother believed very much in education. She trained us to fend for ourselves and to respect nature. Although we had no money she believed in feeding us healthy, organic meals. She always found a way even if it meant trying new things that did not seem very tasty.

All of this changed the day we first encountered it. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was almost a dream or, as Americans would say, a scene from a movie. We were hiking around the mountains when we came upon a strange and glorious item hanging between two trees. After looking it over and talking about what it could be, we finally understood. This was our “AHA Moment”. After all of these years struggling to make ends meet, narrowly avoiding horrific dangers, even fighting off starvation, mother nature had provided us with a solution to our troubles.

Mother called it a “Bearrito”. We devoured that Bearrito so fast! Every last bite was delicious! Bearritos hang there and don’t even run! No more chasing down deer or swimming through frozen rivers for tiny salmon. Now we travel around without a care in the world knowing just around the bend a delicious Bearrito might be waiting for us. It seems as if more and more of these Bearritos keep popping up! And for that I must thank you.

We have since learned that you have a different word for Bearritos. Your word is hammock. Tomato, Tomahto. Although we do not speak the same language, we’re really not that different. We all love our hammocks.

So I want to thank you much for loving hammocks. Hopefully we will meet soon. Very Soon. I’m waiting.

Boris The Bear

Have a question about hammocks for Boris? Ask away – he’ll answer.

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